Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Grill

We just bought our first "grown-up grill" and I'm not sure how we survived without it. 

You can literally grill anything!

**All of your meat sources you can cook on the grill, just make sure you marinade in a sauce that you made, or is free of sugar and other fillers.

**Grilled veggies:  Get some kebab skewers, and layer chopped veggies (and maybe a pineapple) on the skewer, and go to town.  You can also slice sweet potatoes and grill them as well! 

As it is currently summertime, I highly reccomend grilling just about every dinner you have.  It is so easy on a sunday to grill your chicken, beef, and pork all in one shot, and that will have you prepared with meals all week. 

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