Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Things I have learned from eating Paleo

When Thad and I started on our Paleo Adventure together, we were flying blind.  I had to Google, everything!  So here are some interesting tidbits that we have learned...

1.  It isn't as hard as it seems.  Coming up with meals is fairly easy if you think about it like this...
You need protein, carbs, and fat at every meal.  There are so many combinations of these three items, it can almost be overwhelming. is the greatest resource for recipes that I have found.

2.  Your bowel movements will be different.  This may be TMI, however I KNOW that you will be wondering why you have suddenly become a pooping machine.  This is really normal, and levels out a bit.  Don't worry, I googled it, and it seems to happen to EVERYONE. 

3. DO NOT CRACK OUT ON NUTS!  "Cracking out" means that you are eating handfuls of nuts at a time...this can lead to excessive pooping (see #2).  12 almonds is about the amount of fat you need at a meal, and 3 macadamia nuts is a good amount as well.  There have been times that I have told Thad to step away from the macadamia nuts.  Nuts are delicious, but cracking out is counter productive.

3.  DO NOT CRACK OUT ON FRUIT!  This will also lead to #2...  if you are going to snack on fruit, try to eat fruit and protein at the same time.

4.  If you are hungry, you aren't eating enough.  We want you to eat 5 meals per day.  That can be three bigger meals, and two large snacks.  If you are still hungry, eat more, and really look at what you are eating.  Make sure you are getting a good balance in your meals.  You should have carbs (veggies and/or fruit), protein (meat, eggs), and fat (oils, nuts, avocado) at EVERY Meal.  I find when I skip the fat in my meal, I am usually really hungry after.

5.  For the first few days you will probably feel hungry, crabby, and tired.  This is called "withdrawals." Your body is addicted to bad foods, so it is going to be pissed when you take them away.  Keep your eyes on the prize, because soon you will feel REALLY good.  After the initial withdrawal phase passes, you will feel like you can see the world more clearly, and you will have more energy all day, with no post meal food comas.  However be warned...if after you have been eating clean Paleo for a while, you decide to binge on processed crap, be ready for your body to feel like total crap.  I ate a milkshake, and a cheeseburger (no bun), and was exhausted!  I was crabby, had a headache, and then ultimately a stom-ache.  You will learn to decide if the food is worth feeling that crappy over.

6.  This is a learning process, and we are in it together! Ask questions, be creative with your meals, and be patient with yourself, and your body's progress.

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