Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pork Green Chili

We had lots of shredded pork left over after I made some the other day, so I decided to try and make pork green chili out of the leftovers, the results was awesomely good!

For the Green Chili Sauce:


1 LARGE can of chopped or diced Green Chilies
4 Tomatillos
1 Anaheim Chili
1 Jalapeno
1 Can of Diced, Fire Roasted Tomatoes
1 Onion
Chili Spices

Roast the Tomatillos, and Chilies on your stove-top for about 15 minutes.  After roasting, combine all ingredients in a crock-pot.  Flavor with cumin, and chili spices.  Cook on low for about 4 1/2 hours.

Serve with two fried eggs on top, it will blow your mind!

WARNING:  If you have never worked with chilies before, I recommend wearing gloves, as they are hot!  I missed the memo about wearing gloves, and proceeded to use my bare hands, and then ate some nuts, and the result was a burning of my lips like I have NEVER experienced.  It was brutal, so wear gloves, throw them away after, and then wash your hands.

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